Things Are Not Going So Well for the Privatizers”It is best to be on the side of children and their families, not on the side that attempts to use children as political pawns and to set children against their teachers. “Corporate reform” is a mean-spirited venture that has spread disruption in the schools and disruption in the lives of children and their teachers. Some of its backers are there because of their worship of the free market; some are enjoying the novelty of being on the board of a school, “their” school; some are in it for profit, making money from charter leases or technology; some are naive innocents, not aware that they are in league with the anti-union, anti-worker Walton Family of billionaires, ALEC, and the rogues’ gallery of rightwing governors.”The corporate reformers think that disruption is good. But disruption is not good for children or schools. The corporate reformers think that choice will improve education. It doesn’t, and it hasn’t. It turns parents into consumers, not citizens. It undermines any sense of responsibility for the common good. And it will not prevail.”